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  • /USER - SQL Login username - for example sa
  • /PASS - SQL Login password
  • /SERVER - Optional The server name - for example sims-server\sims2008
  • /DATABASE - Optional The database name - for example - sims

Note If the SERVER or DATABASE are not entered then the SERVERNAME and DATABASENAME set in the connect.ini. The connect.ini is location using %WINDIR%\SIMS.ini SIMSNETDIRECTORY. So it will auto detect if you have SIMS .net installed on the local machine correctly.

IMPORTANT This will only transfer the current SIMS user details, you will also need to run it again for FMS if you use FMS. This tool does not work with Discover, SOLUS3 or any other third party database - it will only transfer the logins in SIMS .net or FMS databases.

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